Life on the Farm

Year round there's a ton of work out on the acreage, but it is always a labor of love, and we take it one project at a time. The Nature Trail work continues and the land provides us our winter firewood for the wood burning stove which keeps us toasty all winter and we love using the gifts from the land to warm our home. It is good exercise, too!

Rain Songs and Dances and are popular in the summer. This spring it has rained and the land is beautifully replenished. The springs are flowing and to sit in silence and listen to the babbling water is a truly magical experience. The stargazing is nothing short of spectacular here. There is little city light glow and the sky is diamond dust on dark nights, complete with a clear view of the Milky Way in the dead of winter. We love dragging out the telescope.

We are excited to welcome all of the many blessings, in many forms, coming our way. Our intent is to stay grounded, connected, centered, and in the present moment as much as possible, and living on the Little Farm makes it easy. We live in perpetual gratitude of this beautiful place we call home, and our abundant work in Central Texas. Life is awesome on the Little Farm! We are so thankful to be living smack dab in the middle of this Texas Hill Country paradise.

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