Original Painting by Danny Gillies © 1985 Original Painting by Danny Gillies © 1985 Here are some ballpark figures that will give you an idea of some common services we perform for the betterment
of your instrument. Remember, each job is unique. These prices can assist you in thinking about improving your

Develop a plan of action for your piano:

Evaluation/Written Assessment - $115.

Regarding the Sound of your Piano:

Tuning - $145 - We recommend a minimum of once a year, but new pianos require more tunings in their first year. Note: Many piano manufacturers recommend that your piano be tuned once a year. Steinway and Kawai recommend tuning more often. New strings stretch a lot, and they require many tunings. For more information on particular piano manufacturers recommendations, please see

Pitch Raise - (Each additional pass) $35

Voicing - (Per Hour) $62.50

Seat Tuning Pins - $75

Broken Strings - $15 ea.-plain steel. $30 ea.-bass strings. $20 each service call. (String prices go down when you purchase greater quantity.)

Bridge Treatment and Bridge Pins - $500. New Agraffes - $500. Hone Capo Bar - $400.

Seat & Mate Strings - (Per Hour) $62.50

Damper Felts, Vertical - $375. Damper Felts, Grand - $475.

Base Bridge Repair - $575

Regarding the Feel of your Piano:

Action Reconditioning, Grand - $185, Action Reconditioning, Vertical - $135

Keytops (white) - $475. Key Bushing - $350. Trapwork and Lyre (pedals) - (Per Hour) $62.50.

Bridle Straps - $120.

Grand Action Regulaiton - $700.

Preventative Maintenance:

Arrest Oxidation - $125. Full Cleaning, Vertical - $35. Full Cleaning, Grand - $75

Regarding the Cosmetics of your Piano:

We can put you in contact with people who fix scratches and such. If cosmetic damage to your piano is significantly extensive, then its insides may need work too. You should consider the value of the piano, and then consider the following.

Full Restoration:

Please see for unparalleled excellence in complete piano restoration.

Expert Piano Moving:

Please contact Cobra Piano and Organ Movers- (512) 376-9339

Additional Labor:

$62.50 p/hr. Note: Average Labor Cost is included in the pricing listed above.

Also Available:

Gift Certificates (all services), Damp Chaser Climate Control Systems and miscellaneous piano accessories. Ask the piano technician for more information on these items.